Crystal Street

Artist / Writer / Coach / technologist

I explore the intersections of humanity & technology. I guide clients in the areas of mindful tech use & simple living. I specialize in digital comms, website production, blockchain, personal data rights/ privacy, voluntary simplicity & holistic living. Clubhouse: @cstreet
I create. I teach. I connect.

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My Work

For over 2 decades, I've helped hundreds of businesses communicate their passion to the world through images, video, words & communication strategies. If it involves communication, I've done it. I've produced television commercials for Fortune 500s and built websites for holistic doctors. I've documented ancient tribal rituals for non-profits and consulted on strategic communications for wellness clinics.

I've worked closely with industry leaders in infosec and ran communications for a blockchain firm. I've leveraged technology to support the work of global non-profits fighting to prevent everything from human trafficking to systemic poverty.

I currently offer a handful of consulting & copywriting services that help solopreneurs better understand tech & communicate their passions. I'm also a Desire Map Facilitator for Danielle Laporte & offer coaching services for heart-centered living.


I stand for beauty & peace. In everything I do. I translate the human condition into powerful art. I explore the intersections of humanity & technology.

I'm an award-winning documentary photographer who worked as a commercial photographer, producer and photojournalist from 1998- 2016. In 2009, I added web production to my tool kit. I worked on strategic branding and communications for small businesses and Fortune 500s and served as CMO for a small, boutique blockchain dev shop. Past clients include Whole Foods Market, Nissan North America, Special Olympics, World Banks and Pizza Hut (don't ask).

I currently work with clients in a consultation capacity to help them reach the people who need them most.


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